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Off Season Wrestling

Factum Wrestling, home of the state’s premier off-season wrestling program with the goal of sending you back to your high school next year a completely new wrestler ready to stand at the top of any podium. Our facility is top notch and our instructors are former Utah State Champions committed to making you the best possible wrestler you can be.

For the first time ever in Utah we are offering a FULL off-season wrestling program focused on making you faster, more efficient, smarter and more technical, and you WILL become a top-notch champion if you learn from us.

We will do this by having practices multiple times per week, designed NOT to burn you out! This is NOT an intensive wrestling camp…

It’s a FULL YEAR PROGRAM, filled with new, usable wrestling techniques. We won’t overwhelm your brain, but instead give you time to retain and practice every move… we will also send you back “CrossFit” as you will have full access to our CrossFit classes as well.

We will teach you how to drill in the most efficient way possible, give you speed drills to make you a faster wrestler, and of course LIVE MAT time. Becoming great involves putting the time in on the MAT, and we are offering a lot of it.

If you consider the regular season might have maybe 3 practices a week, we will be offering you almost twice that with 5 practices a week for eight months. Giving you 3 off-seasons worth of wrestling in just one off season.

High school wrestling coaches are of course welcome to come in and train with us, and monitor their athletes progress.

You have nothing to lose with our 100% money back guarantee. After the first month, if you don’t feel you’re making incredible strides, or if you simply aren’t having fun, I will refund your first months membership, in essence, paying you to wrestle in our gym. To qualify you must attend at least 4 practices in that first month.

We also don’t demand any long term contracts… Sign up and pay month-to-month and when you are ready to quit, simply give us 30-day notice with no cancellation penalties.

We are also a complete combat academy, and if interested, we will transform your wrestling skills into regulation cage fighting skills.

So come join our community here at Factum Wrestler, and let us turn you into the best wrestler you can be.