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Phil Gephardt - Owner - CrossFit Instructor, MMA, Wrestling

Phil has been fascinated with physical fitness for his entire life. Having wrestled all his life, Phil spent his adolescents lifting weights so that he could excel in the sport he loved, wrestling. After high school he went to Arizona State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (study of body movements), while there Phil worked at the student recreation center as a personal trainer as an ACE and NASCM certified instructor. After college, Phil worked for Royal Caribbean as Sports Manager of multiple sports related teams. While at RCCL Phil spent his vacations basically living in a CrossFit gym, and after his tenure with Royal Caribbean, Phil became a certified CrossFit level I instructor, and decided to open his very own CrossFit gym.

Joe Martinez - Jiu Jitsu Head Coach

Joe Martinez is a brown belt in jiu jitsu with over 15 years experience. Joe has won dozens of local and regional meets. Joe's reputation in the MMA and jiu jistu world is established and he has the respect of opposing coaches in every corner of the country. Joe's experience is top-rate, and the passion he has for jiu jitsu has inspired his members to do be their best.

Manny Meraz - Morning Boxing Instructor

Manny has been involved in various martial arts since the age of 15 including wrestling, muay thai and jiu jitsu. After discovering boxing he knew that's where his passion lay. Since discovering the sweet science, he spends most of his time learning and teaching boxing concepts, strategy and the fundamentals of punching and moving skills. He love to help people improve and better themselves!

Alison "The Ali Cat" Kolkzynski - CrossFit Coach

USAW Level I, and USAW Level II - Ali joined our gym as a member back in December of 2017, when she moved here from Buffalo, where she excelled as duel sport athlete as an NCAA swimmer and Rugby player at Buffalo State University. Upon leaving the grueling training schedule of college athletics, Alison was attempting to fill the void, and turned to CrossFit and Olympic lifting for her competitive outlet. Since becoming a coach, Alison has become certified with USAW (governing body for US weightlifting) and has made Factum Barbell Club what it is today. She is excited to work with you on any of the CrossFit movements, and invites you to join the Factum Barbell Club. When she's not at Factum she is busy imparting her wisdom on tomorrow's youth as an art teacher at Union Middle School.

Eric "Lem" Lemmert

Lem joined Factum way back in 2013 as a fairly skinny member,, he quickly added about 30 lbs of muscle and a love for all things CrossFit. He has since become a CrossFit Level I coach, and has passed the CrossFit Specialty Course: Gymnastics. Lem is a goal oriented individual, he focused for months on getting his first ring muscle up, and can now do about 15 unbroken. Lem is our resident expert in all the gymnastic movements that CrossFit has: bar muscle ups, handstand walks, handstand pushups, chest-to-bar pullups and is excited to help you achieve your first muscle up too! When not in the gym, Lem can be seen hiking the valley, or at his full time job as a diesel mechanic.

Joe Caldwell - CrossFit Coach

Joe came to us as a member back in 2014, but had already been a lifelong athlete, and longtime CrossFit afficianado. Joe excelled in football at Alta High School, where he won many honors. Joe's passion for his athletes can be seen in his zeal while coaching, technical corrections on form or even just his genial, welcoming smile. After taking a class with Joe, you are guarnteed to leave being a little better than when you walk in.