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Factum Boxing ring

Utah's premier boxing program

One of the premier boxing clubs in the Mountain West, Factum Boxing trains professionals and amateurs, boxers and individuals looking to get into and stay in shape. Tim Carroll has over 15 years of boxing experience and over 50 boxing bouts.

Do you train Pro fighters? And do you train beginners?

We do both! If it's your first class, we aren't going to send you to the wolves. You'll get plenty of one-on-one time, and make sure you understand the terms "Squish the bug", "Roll with the punch", "Jab/Cross/Hook", "Duck", "Slip" and a multitude of other terms. At Factum Boxing you will get as little or as much sparring (contact) as you would like.

Want to be a hero against a bag for your whole career? No problem, it's a great workout! But if you are looking for sparring partners, we have, in our gym anything from beginners to golden-glove state champions as sparring partners.

What you need to try Factum Boxing? What will your first boxing class be like?

If it's your first class, bring yourself and clothes you'd like to work out in. No, we aren't going to throw you in against some champs on day 1, so rest easy. Your first practice will focus mainly on form, and you'll probably get some one-on-one attention to breakdown how to move, punch, evade and block. For your first class, we will give you some wrist wraps, but we do recommend that you get some of your own. Those interested in sparring, should have a mouthpiece (required for sparring) and for the fella's a cup (highly recommended).

Do I really have to wrap my hands to try boxing?

Yes! Unless you're some kind of freak, you were born with 300 bones that magically turn into 206 bones by the time you became an adult. Over half of the bones in the human body are in your hands and feet. There are 27 individual bones in your hands and your hands aren't that big. That means those bones are quite small and fragile and should be looked after. We will teach you how best to wrap your hands.

10 Reasons you should try Factum Boxing in Sandy, Utah

  1. The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn.
  2. It’s a social sport and you’ll get to meet and make friends with many people. Plus, it's not a bad crowd to know!
  3. A lot of boxing is about technique, so even if you’re little, you can still pack a hearty punch.
  4. It’s hard work and will make you feel alive.
  5. Boxing benefits are weight loss, increased agility, better coordination, toned muscles and greater fitness.
  6. You decide how far you want to you take it. Don’t fancy getting hit? That’s not a problem? Want to give it a go but are scared of getting hurt? We'll take it easy on you.
  7. Boxing is perfect for men AND women. Yes, guys are generally stronger but women are known for picking up combinations faster and have more flexibility around their mid-section.
  8. Equipment isn’t expensive. The very least you’ll need is your own hand wraps – you are welcome to borrow our gloves, that smell fresh, but anyone taking the sport seriously should consider their own gloves.
  9. If you can learn how to take a punch, it’ll make you a better person. Life deals you lots of blows and you've just got to roll with it.
  10. Boxing does wonders for your confidence and will provide you with a good grounding for self-defense.