The more seminars I teach, emails I receive, and people I cross paths with the more I think there is a need for a “heart to heart” with the community. One of my main focuses at a Level 1 aside from presenting the best info possible in ways that everyone can clearly understand and relate to; is to emphasis how important it is for us as a community (especially those that run boxes or train at them) to identify the distinction between training CrossFit and CrossFit as a sport. The time has come that there is a clear difference.
I think every wrestler in their early matches have extreme nerves. Call them what you will, “butterflies in your stomach”, “Being nervous”, or whatever, but I think the key difference between a confident wrestler and a not so confident wrestler is to figure out the difference between nervousness and letting the adrenalin fly. Being nervous, in my opinion goes away with the harder you work. If you’ve put in the hours, than you have much less to worry about. If you look across the mat during warmups, and you can honestly think to yourself, “Well, I know I have at least out worked this punk” than you leave the nervous zone and enter the adrenalin zone.
Today I wanted to address to you the need for beginners to drill with advanced jiu-jitsu practitioners. Now that winter break is coming, we can expect some new faces to walk through the door. Some of them are college students who are on break and finally have the time to train. I certainly know I was guilty of this. Some are brand new while others have a bit of experience. These new students provide more training partners which equals a higher quality gym. But there is sometimes a bit of hesitation for these newer students to roll with the better students. Sometimes rolling with a beginner can help you practice moves that you just learned, but mainly, it is not jiu jitsu because these students don’t yet know what proper jiu jitsu technique is. Just like street fights aren’t MMA, and just like boxing in the backyard with your friends when you were 13 wasn’t boxing.
The result: A tangy, toothsome, easy-to-make salad of grilled calamari and sweet roasted peppers.
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