It’s that time of year, the time where we as a CrossFit community start to get geared up for the CrossFit Open Workouts, and a lot is on the line. CrossFit HQ blew up my Facebook NewsFeed with a post about “Where do you stand?”. The graphic showed how the average man’s time compares with Khalipa, Froning and Ben Smith. Of course, the average man’s times pale in comparison to the giants of the sport. At the bottom of the graphic it states that almost a million people signed up for the open workouts, while only .4% actually make it to the CrossFit Games. For any box in the world, there is great incentive for any gym to have their athletes advance to regionals and nationals. For this reason, is it really possible to have a fair and balanced judging process, while athletes are being “no-repped” by their friends?
If you were looking for a single exercise to care for the human frame you’d probably look for an exercise that helped us regain our posture from one of sitting hunched over to one that was upright, extended, and open. You’d probably also look for an exercise that worked the posterior chain to overcome all the negative effects of sitting and, if you could find one exercise that could do both of those, you’d probably also wonder if you could find one super exercise that could strengthen your heart and help you lose weight, too. It’s called the kettlebell swing.
Fallon Fox is a male-born transgender, who has recently had surgery to hormonally, legally and physically switch her gender from male to female. While this is not the forum or the article to address the merits/morality/legality of surgically changing your own body, I would like to address the legality of the fact that she has fought in MMA and would like to continue to do so. The debate lies in whether this is fair to her opponents, and if it raises major safety issues.
Come support Factum Boxing's Pride and Joy Tim Carroll, who will be fighting in a professional bout against Pat Reeves of Ogden.
If I were a man who had recently skirted by a jury after murdering a child, I would probably lay low, stay out of the limelight. This is not the case for George Zimmerman, who has allegedly accepted a pay-per-view boxing match against former average rapper DMX