Factum Cardio Kickboxing isn't your 1990's "Billy Blanks" version of a fitness fight made for late-night informercials. After your first class you'll be wondering why you haven't been doing these amazing workouts more often through the years. Cardio KB is never boxing, it's a challenge in stamina, technique and focus. It's also great for time-pressed individuals looking to lose weight fast. In as little as 30-minutes, you can expect to burn more calories than in your average step-class or pilates class.
There are any number of reasons this fight might be hitting the ground, we simply breakdown the top five: drugs, size, superior wrestling, popularity or superior striking.?
CrossFit absolutely works your entire body. CrossFit believes in the fitness methodology "Constantly Varied, high intensity functional movements". What does that mean?
I put a pretty heavy emphasis on using the Martial Arts that have proven effective in the UFC. In my opinion, all martial arts have a place in the world, but because I fight professionally, I feel I need to be versed in the hand-to-hand combat that has proven most effective amongst professionals.
If your goal is to simply burn 1000 calories an hour while learning a new skill that could potentially save your life, than take a cardio kickboxing class. Every city has gyms that have Cardio Kickboxing classes, I would find a gym that trains pro MMA fighters, they tend to be the best.