"Ironically, the overhead squat is exceedingly simple yet universally nettlesome for beginners. There are three common obstacles to learning the overhead squat. The first is the scarcity of skilled instruction - outside of the Olympic lifting community most instruction on the overhead squat is laughably horribly, wrong – dead wrong. The second is a weak squat - you need to have a rock-solid squat to learn the overhead squat"
When answering this question, break it down into two different answers: The first is whether it's better to have a wrestling or BJJ background for MMA, the second is how a wrestler would do against Roger Gracie.
This question has perplexed me for some time, why do people love UFC and love the WWE, but it took a miraculous, “come from behind” story to save Olympic Wrestling? My answer to this is inevitably, confusion mixed with lack of story lines equals uninterested viewers.
22 is a great age to start. I was a wrestler for all my life, but didn't actually pick up any form of Mixed Martial Arts until after I left high school.