It’s said that an Olympic Wrestler doesn’t use a single move in the Olympics unless they have drilled that move at least 10,000 times. Nothing is different in any of the martial arts. If you want to throw a Oomapolatta against a black belt you better have drilled that move a few thousand times, otherwise he’s just going to pass your guard for all your trouble. While there is no replacement for sparring and live grappling, drilling is twice as useful. For every hour spent grappling, you should be spending 2 hours honing your technique, speed, conditioning, smoothness and power in every movement.
I think every wrestler in their early matches have extreme nerves. Call them what you will, “butterflies in your stomach”, “Being nervous”, or whatever, but I think the key difference between a confident wrestler and a not so confident wrestler is to figure out the difference between nervousness and letting the adrenalin fly. Being nervous, in my opinion goes away with the harder you work. If you’ve put in the hours, than you have much less to worry about. If you look across the mat during warmups, and you can honestly think to yourself, “Well, I know I have at least out worked this punk” than you leave the nervous zone and enter the adrenalin zone.
For years wrestling has been struggling with it’s identity. Singlets are ugly, archaic, are easy to make fun of and leaves no appeal for the masses. For this reason wrestling needs to change not simply at the Olympic level, but at every level from little league, high school, college and beyond.
The high crotch peak out is a great move that uses your opponent sprawl against himself. As your opponent sprawls, you get to the outside of him and before your opponent realizes it, you've taken his corner