Some of you have asked me recently, what you should be worried about when joining Factum CrossFit, and how you can improve your times, weight. There are any number of things to worry about, so let me give you a quick breakdown of things you shouldn’t be worried about.
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At some point over the course of history our great ancestors learned to stand upright, why we stopped doing that is cause for alarm. Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be this way. For this reason, I challenge you to read the rest of this article with good posture. That means 90 degrees at your hip, 90 degrees at your knees, with a neutral spine and neck. As athletes and CrossFit gurus, we put a heavy emphasis on neutral spine during our lifts, but as soon as we hit the seat of our car to drive home we abandon these principles, and hunch over. All of us have the flexibility, strength (deep down) and endurance to sit upright, but we need to put added awareness into maintaining this posture throughout our day-to-day activities.
Many athletes struggle more with the muscle up, than they do just about any other technique in a CrossFit facility. While technique is the most valuable tool an athlete has at his disposal, the development of the muscles used in this workout will assist the athlete in exploding above the rings, and having the kinesthetic muscle awareness to maintain proper technique. Many workout regimens I have seen are ineffective while others are dangerous. Today we are going to break down some vital workouts that, when used effectively, can help you achieve a perfect muscle up.
It’s that time of year, the time where we as a CrossFit community start to get geared up for the CrossFit Open Workouts, and a lot is on the line. CrossFit HQ blew up my Facebook NewsFeed with a post about “Where do you stand?”. The graphic showed how the average man’s time compares with Khalipa, Froning and Ben Smith. Of course, the average man’s times pale in comparison to the giants of the sport. At the bottom of the graphic it states that almost a million people signed up for the open workouts, while only .4% actually make it to the CrossFit Games. For any box in the world, there is great incentive for any gym to have their athletes advance to regionals and nationals. For this reason, is it really possible to have a fair and balanced judging process, while athletes are being “no-repped” by their friends?