Obviously Dana wasn’t serious about moving fights out of Las Vegas permanently, as he mentioned he might after the Hendricks vs. Pierre fiasco. But having Belfort fight in Las Vegas raised other eyebrows, because in 2006, Belfort failed a drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Belfort tested positive for having steroids in his system when he was randomly tested after his fight with Dan Henderson.
For years wrestling has been struggling with it’s identity. Singlets are ugly, archaic, are easy to make fun of and leaves no appeal for the masses. For this reason wrestling needs to change not simply at the Olympic level, but at every level from little league, high school, college and beyond.
There are any number of reasons this fight might be hitting the ground, we simply breakdown the top five: drugs, size, superior wrestling, popularity or superior striking.?
The high crotch peak out is a great move that uses your opponent sprawl against himself. As your opponent sprawls, you get to the outside of him and before your opponent realizes it, you've taken his corner
An irate Dana White in a post fight interview lambasted the Nevada State Athletic Commission in a multitude of vitriolic comments aimed directly at the Nevada Governor’s office and it’s athletic commission.