Things to Stop Worrying about at Factum CrossFit

Things to stop worrying about at Factum CrossFit

Some of you have asked me recently, what you should be worried about when joining Factum CrossFit, and how you can improve your times, weight. There are any number of things to worry about, so let me give you a quick breakdown of things you shouldn’t be worried about.

What program should I be following?

Programming is important, and no doubt a crucial one, but everybody’s body act a little different to any given program. The only way to find out if the Factum CrossFit Program works is to try it out. And don’t just try it out, try to be a BAD ASS with every workout you do. Try to push your body past it’s comfort zone. Then, after you’ve done this for a month, see if the program has been working.

  • Do you like the scores you’ve been putting up?
  • Do you like the way you look?
  • Can you lift more weight now than you could a month ago?

If you answered yes, to any and all of these questions? Than the program is working. If you haven’t been making games, talk to you instructor, and see what can be modified to help get you stronger. So pick a time on the Factum CrossFit Schedule, and make it in.

What is my 1 Rep Max?

But Phil, didn’t you just say, “Can you lift more weight now than you could a month ago?”. I did, but that doesn’t mean you have to test your max every week. Making gains on a 1 rep max takes time, testing yourself in this criteria too often can, at times, get discouraging if you aren’t gaining fast enough. Like I said, focus on the Workout of THAT day, and try to kill it. Over time, your 1 Rep Max should go up.

Which weightlifting shoe to get?

Again, this is something to not get overly hung up on. Yes, weightlifting shoes are extremely beneficial, but don’t delay getting one to spend a month researching what heel size, it’s weight, the make, or whether they are the most limited edition! Weightlifting shoes are designed to keep that foot flat on movements such as squats, deadlifts, etc. Most weightlifting shoes are going to help you. Once you are challenging Kendrick Farris for the USA weightlifting title, we can start working on a custom fit, until than, just get your shoe, and start lifting (you’ll see a difference, compared to sneakers, on your first squat.

Get after it!

What I’m trying to tell you, is that over thinking lifting can be counter-productive. Is there something to say about “Work Smarter, not Harder”... absolutely. But when it comes to fitness, most of the time, exercising comes down to how hard you are willing to push your body. Be it, during heavy lifting, or more aerobic activity. Giving yourself a goal, and trying to reach it, is much more important than deliberating in your head on how to do it. Like I say within the parameters of Factum CrossFit all the time, “Exercising works, we aren’t inventing the wheel in here, just get under the bar, and give it your all”.