Past Steroid use by Belfort, could be a major factor in his MMA bout vs Weidman in Las Vegas

After Chris Weidman put yet another hurting on Anderson Silva in UFC 168, Dana White announced that Weidman would be defending his title against phenom Vitor Belfort and that the MMA bout will be slated for either May or June in Las Vegas.

Obviously Dana wasn’t serious about moving fights out of Las Vegas permanently, as he mentioned he might after the Hendricks vs. Pierre fiasco. But having Belfort fight in Las Vegas raised other eyebrows, because in 2006, Belfort failed a drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Belfort tested positive for having steroids in his system when he was randomly tested after his fight with Dan Henderson.

Since the positive test, Belfort began experimenting with testosterone replacement therapy, claiming that he uses TRT therapeutically because his body has trouble producing normal levels of testosterone naturally.

In his home country of Brazil, Belfort has received exemptions to use TRT, and has taken most of his fights there, however, the Nevada State Athletic commission has given no such exemption. Nevada, and other U.S. regulators on the subject are more stringent and much less likely to grant a testosterone exemption.

The likelihood of such an exemption is unlikely. Belfort could very likely have received his condition due to steroid use in the past. Executive Director of NSAC Keith Kizer has stated that he doubts the commission would grant leniency in this case. Belfort likely developed hypogonadism from past illegal steroid abuse, and therefore should be granted no exemptions by the commission.

Belfort and Dana White have both expressed confidence that Belfort will be able to MMA Bout in Nevada, citing notorious cheaters like Chael Sonnen as precedents for exemptions who currently has a testosterone exemptions. The NSAC has not expressed the same kind of confidence.

Either way, Belfort has stated that he will gladly take the MMA bout in May/June whether he is granted an exemption or not. He has stated that he believes he will still be able to fight to his fullest without the use of extra testosterone.

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